Edge Compute

Edge compute is a bit confusing as cloud and technology providers begin to brand their products with the “Edge” label. In many cases it is more of a way to draw consumers in to their existing products. But the reality of edge compute is that it came about for three reasons.

-Latency: With some services experiencing high latency in cloud environments, additional compute resources were required to provide a quality user experience. This of course drives up your monthly bill from your cloud provider. If your technology requires near realtime access to data processing to function properly, >250ms of latency would not be acceptable. Things like autonomous vehicles with a 250ms delay in data acquisition would be the equivalent of driving under the influence.

Highly Distributed Compute: With the concept of everything being connected to the internet came the need to manage millions of always connected devices. These devices require security, accounting and lifecycle management. Fulfilling these requirements in a centralized solution proved near impossible and at best hyper expensive. Dividing your connected devices into manageable pools regionally and reducing thread latency at the same time is a logical approach.

-Security: In many cases trusting a cloud provider to secure sensitive data or intellectual property under their joint responsibility agreements is not acceptable. Ensuring that you can protect your assets and your customers from infrastructure outside of your control is generally a good idea.

We can help you build a hybrid cloud environment incorporating any cloud provider service with your own on-premise solution or another co-lo provider of your choice.

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Provides you with the best solution possible. Cloud and data lock puts your organization at risk. Diversifying your technology portfolio will allow you to make decisions and leverage the best price for compute resources. You will also have your technology available in multiple clouds reducing potential infrastructure failures.

Highly Distributed

Push your applications closer to your customers, reducing latency and minimizing the size of customer pools. Reducing latency will provide a better customer experience, reduce compute overhead and reduce outage impact.

Beyond Regional

Pushing workloads to neighborhoods, intersections , public facilities or events. Identify compute, storage and network resources to best service your customers. Learning network topology, demand and calculating when and where to direct nomadic workloads.

Let us guide you through the technology and help you determine what your business really needs from an edge compute perspective. We can help automate your development pipeline to include Edge resources as part of your infrastructure as code methodologies.

Use edge to extend your business continuity plan beyond what is capable using just availability zones with a single provider. Ensure your customers have access to your applications and your persistent data is always protected.

Orchestrate your workload to run where it is needed and destroyed when it is not. Manage costs through leveraging technology.

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