About Us

A New Approach to Consulting

Halo Consulting is a cloud and DevOps consulting company that helps businesses to optimize their IT operations and improve their overall performance. The company provides a range of services including cloud migration, cloud optimization, DevOps implementation, and IT automation. By leveraging the latest technologies and leading practices, Halo Consulting helps organizations to achieve their goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

One of the key advantages of working with Halo Consulting is their team of experienced and well-rounded professionals. The company’s consultants have deep expertise in a wide range of technologies including AWS, Azure, and hybrid Cloud. They are also well-versed in DevOps methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. This means that they can provide expert guidance and support on all aspects of IT operations and cloud deployment.

Halo Consulting’s approach to consulting is highly collaborative and client-centric. The company works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and tailors its services to meet those requirements. They provide regular progress updates and work closely with clients to ensure that their IT operations are running smoothly and that their objectives are met.

In addition to its consulting services, Halo Consulting also offers training and education workshops to help organizations improve their IT knowledge and skills. These workshops can cover a wide range of topics, including cloud computing, DevOps, and IT automation, and are designed to help organizations build the capabilities they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment.

Overall, Halo Consulting is a great option for any organization looking to improve their IT operations and performance through cloud and DevOps consulting services.

Halo was founded in order to help change the stigma associated with consulting. We first were going to take a different approach to how we would market Halo. We don’t have a sales team so we all are horrible golfers and pride ourselves on that. As founders we were all frustrated with the process of sales versus the reality of technology and what technology actually will bring to the table. We will not accept a project if the expectations are not realistic and within the boundaries of technology.

We do believe that any company is capable of achieving their business goals as long as the business and technology plans are aligned. Honesty and transparency is the only way to grantee success in technology.

HALO (Noun) ha· lo | \ ˈhā-(ˌ)lō

In Business – the tendency for positive impressions of a person, company, brand or product in one area to positively influence a customer’s opinion or feelings in other areas.

In the U.S. Army– A tough way to arrive at your destination – a High Altitude Low Opening parachute drop.

In Art – a designator of brilliance or veneration, or to demonstrate a sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing.

The Halo Leadership Team

Troy Vetter – Senior Partner and Principal

Owner and Senior Partner of Halo Consulting Solutions with wide IT and business experience from a varied background that includes Military Intelligence, BioGenetics, Large-scale IT consulting, and small IT hyper-growth in the consulting space.  Troy’s stated goal is to always “help make things better” and has most recently helped start, or jump-start, four IT companies into high-growth, successful businesses with a multiplied exit. 

Most of his career has been in the Tech industry, including early days at the recognizable company names of HP and EDS.  Troy began his career adventure with a 6 year stint in the U.S. Air Force (and seconded to the NSA) as a Cryptologic Linguist where he held a Top Secret clearance.

Troy serves his community in various ways including as a regional speaker on “ethics in the real world” and the leader of a  mentoring charity.

Billy Felton, Jr. – Senior Partner

A technology visionary with a track record of solving complex business problems with technology. Billy served as Director of Technology at Verizon for 20 years where he was responsible for building the first DevOps practice at Verizon which designed and deployed the Verizon Cloud Platform globally. Billy also built Verizon’s Mobile Edge Compute laboratory which was instrumental in refactoring call processing systems and enabling 5G for Verizon. This lab created a cloud native Enhanced Packet Core capable of operating as micro services. 

Billy began his career in technology in the United States Army, Military Intelligence Corps., where he served as a field engineer deploying signals intercept assets for a multitude of intelligence agencies globally. Billy held a Top Secret (TS/SCI) clearance and received several awards and decorations during his time of service.

Billy’s philanthropic interests include Fort Worth Guitars for Heroes where he serves on the board of directors and as a guitar instructor. Fort Worth Guitars for Heroes partnered with the VA and provides guitars and lessons to veterans suffering from PTSD as a form of recreational therapy.


Halo is passionate about modern business culture and embraces the concept of a flat organization based on empowerment, trust and honesty. Every member of our team is no more or less significant than anyone else, we just perform different roles. Honesty is the primary ingredient in trust and trust must be the foundation of all business relationships.

We Call Fort Worth Home

We embrace the culture and people of Fort Worth Texas. We love this town! Fort Worth has a business culture like no other. Honesty and your word mean more than contracts and legal ease. Hard work is expected because it is the norm.

Fort Worth has some of the best restaurants, music venues and bars around, not to mention world class museums. There is always something fun to do and it doesn’t always have to be in the Stockyards with the tourists.

Although Fort Worth is not a technology town yet, we are determined to help change that. Attracting other technology companies who have an interest in affordable cost of living and a business friendly community.