Cloud Consulting and Digital Transformation

A New Approach to Consulting

We work with your business and teams to create innovative and exceptional value by putting the cloud at the intersection of your delivery and your customer’s desires.

Cloud is one of the most significant technology shifts your organization will face. Cloud promises agility, scalability, and favorable economics — but only if it is done right. The integration of public clouds, private clouds, and legacy IT environments can be daunting. Halo Consulting Solutions can help you find the right mix of cloud that can turn your IT organization into a valuable change agent for innovation and growth. Our team of cloud computing experts can help you build the right cloud for your business and evolve your team’s culture and skills to embrace the cloud. With our experience, methodologies, and acceleration tools, we can help you get to the cloud the right way fast.

With a holistic and unbiased approach developed through hundreds of cloud transformation projects, Halo Consulting Solutions will help you stay ahead of the best way to optimize your environments, unleash your people, and realize your organization’s full potential.

Cloud Migration

Assess your current technology portfolio, find the right mix of clouds for your workloads, identify gaps in technology and skills, and make a migration plan. Understand cloud economics and ROI before the migration begins. Measure your achievements against your business objectives.

Accelerate Innovation in Cloud

Launch new services and innovate faster with technology. Cloud-native methodologies that provide your developers with fast, easy access to the resources they need. Modernize legacy applications to allow for better integration, scalability, and new functionality.

Cloud Adoption Program

Accelerate cloud migration and adoption by empowering your team. Halo Consulting Solution’s templates, methodologies, and cloud-leading practices will jumpstart your efforts and become part of an actionable plan.

Cloud Compliance and Management

Manage and operate public, private, and hybrid clouds globally with continuous governance, risk management, and compliance. Gain visibility and control across all your clouds to simplify operations and optimize costs. Reduce risk through automation and compliance as code.


No matter where you are in your journey to cloud, Halo Consulting Solutions can help you map out your next steps. From determining what application workloads should live where, handling governance and compliance, and managing costs, our team can help you optimize your operations and reduce development time for new functionality.

DevOps Maturity

An interactive workshop to define what DevOps and DevSecOps mean for your organization. We align your team around a common vision with an actionable plan to include skills training, tools, automation, and security.

Cloud Transformation Consulting

We will review and evaluate your cloud and technology capabilities across the business dimensions of people, process, and technology, then help you establish a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE).

Cloud Application Migration Support

Migrating to cloud can be a complex process. Leveraging our experience and planning acceleration tools, our team will help you determine your application migration starting point in weeks, rather than months.

Cloud Acceleration Workshops

Customized to meet your unique business needs, these workshops are geared towards helping you develop a high-level strategic and technical roadmap and plan of action. Prepare your team for change.

Cloud Economic Analysis

Have questions that need to be answered about cloud costs? Our cloud experts will provide you with a comprehensive financial analysis and ROI of your future cloud-based environment. Metrics and automation will improve spending across your enterprise.

Cloud Native Development

We help your teams work together to ensure software development and delivery success. Focusing on developing cloud-friendly microservices, deployment, process, and application lifecycle management.

Edge Compute

Edge computing is relative to the workload, not necessarily the branding of a cloud service. We can help identify if edge computing is right for you and which workloads are candidates. We integrate edge resources into your code pipeline.

Private 5G/LTE

Having control of your own network may be important to your business strategy. If you are automating a factory, logistics chains, or deploying internet of things (IoT) devices. You may want your data private and custom functionality for your 5G/LTE devices.

Internet of Things

Managing millions of connected devices is challenging. Leveraging edge computing technologies along with sophisticated device management may be the solution. Let us help you on the journey of achieving 1M+ connected devices, securely with a sensible approach.