DevOps Maturity

Embracing the Power of Full Automation

As we become experts and get more hands-on experience with automation. The capacity of what we can improve seems limitless. In the previous years, DevOps was a popular practice that has enabled automation between IT teams, software developers and business units. In many cases this seemed “good enough” and left securing these applications an after thought. Automation with a “security first” is achievable and is a technique we can help implement, bringing it to the front of the automation cycle and not imposing limitations on developer resources.

A deeper understanding of the fundamentals and the key concepts DevOps and DevSecOps approach will give you interest to discover and absorb its full potential and functionalities.

Automate automation, then automate that!

  • We focus on the business first and help identify tooling and best practices throughout the industry that can enhance what you do today.
  • Secondly, we make sure that the quality of your products are built in the most secured way through implementing automated policy and guardrails.
  • We then establish metrics and provide the automation necessary enable reducing the security surface area of each application.

With your team engaged, we can work together and establish common goals that most benefit the business.

We can help build your applications from scratch or help migrate and refactor existing systems.