Cloud Transformation

Working with your Leadership, Business and Technology groups to understand the priorities, current technology investments, key business outcomes, quick wins and recommend a transformation roadmap designed for you. 

Where possible we will help you identify MVPs (minimum viable product) that can be designed, built, adopted, and adapted within a period of 6 months. 

Halo will work with your teams to establish reference architecture patterns spanning across integration, analytics, infrastructure and application development. Always looking for a chance to effectively embed your compliance and security requirements into the architectural pattern and establish checkpoints and gates as a part of foundation. 

A core problems in today’s consulting approach is that it is mostly ‘talk’ and very little ‘do’.  At Halo we will design and work alongside your team to implement the roadmap, define a detailed plan and identify the different modules that can run in parallel. Assign dedicated teams and help with the foundation of each of the modules.

All great “builds” need to keep an eye out for curb appeal. At Halo we always work toward a simple architecture foundation with a concentration on what can be reused and what can help start the work immediately. Good UI/UX Guidelines with an eye for core integration systems that put first things things – and iterate thru the rest.