Cloud Application Migration

Many applications were never designed to run in a cloud environment. If it is a commercial off the shelf application or an application developed in house, integrating automation and virtualization will require changing the architecture at a minimum. Managing state in a new way and implementing new techniques for high availability can take almost any monolith and move it into a highly automated environment.

Some applications will require a new data model where transactions are modeled based on the technology that is intended to manage those types of transactions. Breaking up a pure relational data models into a hybrid time series/ relational model which can distribute across multiple worker nodes.

If your applications are running on bare metal in a centralized data center and are supported with mostly manual processes. You stand to gain significant amount of efficiency by moving these applications into a virtualized environment. If you choose to utilize a cloud provider or deploy your own private cloud we can help.

We work with your suppliers and help drive their technology to be more cloud friendly or we can help you find new technology to meet your goals.

We work with your software development teams and help them redesign their applications to be more cloud friendly.

We help your software development teams build automation into their software development life-cycles. Automating from commit all the way to deploy and building in checks and tests to ensure security and reliability are always improving.

We can help automate the release of commercial software and run the software through automated testing before you deploy it to your user base. Improving time to market and getting functionality to the end users when they need it.


Large centralized RDBMS environments built around massive transaction models. These systems have been tuned specifically for their use over many years and usually involve deployment of specialized hardware and software to improve performance and reliability.

Many of these legacy systems have components that are end of life or even end of support. Migrating to cloud based systems either hosted or on-premise are usually the last systems to migrate. This can be due to complexity or loss of knowledge of how the systems were initially built. Our process of discovery and modeling can simplify reproducing the original data model.

We capture transactions, views, indexes, stored procedures and functions to help architect back end services that minimize code change requirements on middleware and front end applications.

We partner with companies that are dedicated to success.

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